We help frustrated high school and college students who’re overwhelmed with their schoolwork, and struggle with deadlines and organization.  


Through our work together high school and college students discover their true potential, and start living fulfilling lives of purpose through school and beyond. 

We help teens feel more confident. 

Small Steps Go Places is the place for students to develop an organizational plan that helps them live their best life, and learn to be more confident when communicating with adults. We equip students with tools to help them make good choices when they apply to college, and help them successfully navigate from High School to College.

Who Small Steps Go Places is for:

Parents and Families


We’re Committed Every Step Of The Way

Option Play tools and workshops help students develop skills they will use both in and out of the classroom.

Small Steps Go Places meets people where they are.


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To find out more about How to Make and Use A Relevant Planner and other classes, click here.

See What Others Have to Say About Small Steps Go Places

Parents and Families

“I’ve noticed that when my child uses Option Play Tools or attends one of the Small Steps Go Places workshops, the approach helps them understand the value for them as individuals, not just as students.”

Parent, Westport NY

High School Senior

 “As a senior, it’s scary because I’m transitioning to college next year. I know it’s coming but didn’t know what that entails. Working with SSGP has helped me figure out what I know how to do, and what I need to ask help with.” 

Francesca, NYC


“Several students asked me if the game would be available in the college office so they could continue thinking about scenarios. I was happy to tell them yes!”

Andi, Columbia Secondary School