About Small Steps Go Places

We Got Here One Small Step at a Time

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

At Small Steps Go Places, we help high school students navigate through High School into College and set themselves up for future success.

Small Steps has evolved from a blog to a card game that we’ve used to help students transition into college. We’ve learned that making successful transitions needs to start early and focus on having the right tools. 

Finding and knowing what the right tools are for you and your child during High School is essential to their futures success.

 It can feel challenging when they interact with new parts of their education. With an attention to organizational skills, confident communication, better decision making and prioritization skills, their daily lives can feel less intimidating.  

This can result in better grades and clearer goals for the future. 



“Through my education, I didn’t just develop skills, I didn’t just develop the ability to learn, but I developed confidence. “

– Quote by Michelle Obama

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Who’s Behind this?

Founder & President: Genevieve Griffin

Genevieve is an education consultant who helps students understand what going to college means and helps them navigate the gap between the dependance of high school and the freedom of college.

BA Family Psychology, MA Urban Planning, University of Michigan.

Genevieve was a first generation college student herself.

Throughout her professional career, Genevieve has worked at various education facilities including The State University of New York and The Trinity School where she developed creative ways to engage those she educated.

Genevieve Griffin is the Founder and President of Small Steps Go Places. As a full time business owner and leader, her everyday life revolves around helping others achieve success.

Genevieve grew up in a small town in Michigan and attended a local High School. Her parents were both civil servants and had not gone to college. Genevieve grew up with a clear idea of what hard work looked like, but not so clear an idea of a career path and college. 

She was in the National Honor Society and participated in leadership opportunities such as student council. She believed that being a good student in High School was enough to make her a good student in College. 

When she set off for college, she faced plenty of unfamiliar challenges. Challenges that in retrospect would have turned out better with more strategic planning.

Navigating the University of Michigan, a university jam-packed with thousands of students and adjusting to an abruptly new daily life wasn’t easy. 

She felt out of her comfort zone at times, defaulting to her High School experience which wasn’t relevant. 

After a lot of trial and error and academic probation, she successfully got her degree. 

However, it didn’t end there. The sorts of challenges she faced during her transition from High School to University, she also faced in the transition from University to the Professional World. 

Until Genevieve was able to create a different approach, life seemed like a repetitive process. 

Years later, and after having settled down and raising a family in New York City, the idea for Small Steps Go Places was born. 

By that time she was helping her own children prepare for college and knew the right questions to ask.

Small Steps Go Places presented the opportunity to use what Genevieve learned from work in an adolescent center and teaching High School Students.  

The essence of Small Steps Go Places is learning to break challenges that might seem like obstacles into manageable chunks.