Going to college is complicated


Or is it?  I was overwhelmed with feelings of impatience because my room seems so stark and bare.  The fact that the residence hall is being used to house conference attendees highlights the emptiness.  The place would be abuzz with activity during move-in, or just the regular school year.  But, that impatience comes from wanting everything to happen immediately, because it has already been working in other aspects of my life.  When I think of scenarios I think of "You got a little carried away at the club fair" and "Your family came to visit and finally your room is feeling like home" even though it may be causing your roommate to feel frustrated.  I am in a single, which is what everyone wants, right?  Privacy, peace.  But, there is a certain off the beaten trail feeling, too.  Sometimes, we tolerate the challenges of living with others because of the benefits of having another layer of someone's life in our day.