Wrangling cats

Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic.  These very nice people were my knights in shining armor because they picked me up, picked my stuff up at the minivan and delivered everything to its correct place.  I am still smiling.

It got dramatic when I realized the large bag with EVERYTHING was still sitting in the foyer.  After a freakout Emma made the trek to the Staten Island Ferry with said large bag.  She wins the award for saving my day!

My day was filled with lots and lots of enthusiastic and nice people.  The challenge was that they were enthusiastic about a whole list of things that have nothing to do with me.  Some of them did get excited when I told them about my games or they played.  However, my fellow exhibitors in our off the beaten pathway room were very engaged and had much experience to share with me.  That made me smile a lot.  Best idea shared:  A descriptive card that looks like one the OPTION PLAY cards.  Guess what!  Susanne, the Diva, already had the idea.  It is great to have the acknowledgement from independent sources.  My shining moment:  walking out into the hallway and redirecting attendees into my room, and toward my games and fellow exhibitors.  My worst moment:  after my exciting morning skipping lunch and ending up with a blood sugar so screwed up that I felt cross-eyed.  Eventually, I just went and bought a sandwich and I have just devoured Reese's PB cups and M&Ms from the vending machine.  Tomorrow will be better!

One of the scenarios I shared today was about the noisy next door neighbor.  Everyone has a story, and one man said he had lived with several other people and the noise in his room/suite? drove him to the library.  Boundaries were a topic through much of the day--is it okay to say I'm not having it or should one try to compromise?  It makes for a good discussion, and that is what I am hoping for.