OPTION PLAY could be a tool used by amazing people!

I began January 27 by driving to Skyline High School.  The photo didn’t do the complex justice!  I felt like I was walking to the land of Oz.  However, instead of green people I found helpful, friendly, and committed people throughout my visit.  After finding the central office and signing in, I made my way to The Cube and Ms. Haller.  Over the next 2 ½ hours I played two “short” OP Ed. 2 games with high school seniors, and watched Ms. Haller meet with two vendors, students who needed help with a variety of college application issues, promote a coach who supports girl power, develop how OP will fulfill student needs, and a transition plan.  She didn’t break stride, or lose her firm but positive attitude.  This is a very clear, concrete reason why I am on this journey – to help amazing people have even more tools in the pile they pull from to help students successfully go to college.