Genevieve is invited to watch two live games on Face Time!

On January 26, 2017, as I was driving to Ann Arbor, I dropped an OPTION PLAY ed. 1 game off for Mr. Wright, at Huron High School.  I followed up with Mr. Wright and he invited me to watch some of his students play today, February 10, 2017.  I have just finished watching two groups of eight, junior and senior high school students, play one round.  The feedback I received about Edition 1 has consistently included frustration with the number and relevancy of answer cards, periodic wordiness of scenario cards, and inability to pick up more answer cards, and this case was no different.

Once players figured out how to play the game the amount of discussion increased, and Mr. Wright began to easily guide the group during the play.  The first group suggested putting an additional direction inviting players to just use the scenario cards, and then come up with their own answers.  The second group commented that players were invested in playing the game, and it seemed that keeping the characters in the scenarios general allowed for discussion about not just gender but also sexual orientation.  The players made both a diverse looking group, and a diverse personality group.  I wonder if it is easier or harder to play with friends, or just peers?

I loved hearing students say they wanted to play Edition 2!!


Thank you Mr. Wright, for your willingness to share OPTION PLAY, and give me a window to observe through!