Hiring Yourself to Go to College Classes -- Part 1


So far in this series I have suggested you, as a future college freshman,

·      determine what items you consider ESSENTIAL, and why

·      reframe what it means to become a GOOD ROOMMATE

Going to college, and staying to get your degree means you are learning to make decisions on your own about how to spend your time and energy, and acting on those decisions. 


Your parents, teachers, and counselors will all tell you it’s a good idea to get enough sleep, or choose studying over going to a party.  What does that mean to YOU?

You are hiring a student to go to college classes (YOU).  In order to do this exercise you need to look at yourself, not be yourself. Interviewing is how people usually get jobs. You are going to INTERVIEW yourself. First, decide the types of answers you want to hear to these questions from someone applying for this job. These questions are based on basics, like sleep and organization that you need to deal with a new job or experience.

•    How much sleep do you need to get?

•    What makes it difficult to get enough sleep?

•    When do you need to wake up to get to class without stressing?

•    What is a realistic schedule for you?

•    How can you use this schedule to manage your time?

•    What helps you feel prepared to go to class and learn?

•    How do you learn?

Second, interview yourself and find out if your actual answers were close to the answers you would like to hear.

Third, compare the two sets of answers and decide if YOU need to change anything in either column.

Now, Would you hire yourself to go to college classes?

If yes, full steam ahead!

If no, which answers need to be changed or improved?


You have

•    practiced a slice of the interview process from both sides

•    examined some types of issues that impact successfully going to college classes

•    decided which issues you may need to look at so you will be more effective

•    possibly have a list of issues to work on, and ready for Part 2 and more


Part 2 -- Study Skills?