You are not in high school anymore.

 Juan Ramos (photographer)

Juan Ramos (photographer)

That is really it, isn't it? You have graduated and are going to go to college.  This is fantastic news. Going to college is the foundation for having more job or career options! You will meet new people, learn more deeply, make connections, and be prepared to take on the world! The fact is you are not in high school anymore.

High school may have been a real grind as you did what you needed to get into college. It was four years of growing from being a freshman to being a senior. There were probably awkward moments, painful learning, relationships, achievements, parties, more work, tests, friends, teachers, Most importantly, it was your high school. Regardless if it was bad, good, or somewhere in between it was YOUR high school; familiar and probably manageable.


Now, you are leaving it to go, in a number of ways, to the next level. You may be going locally, to a community college or you may be traveling across the country to a large university; or somewhere in between. It will be different.

And so, to do this you need to figure out what you need for YOUR transition. There are people in your life who will help. These may be family or friends, and they may be at the college. It is important that you remember it is YOUR transition. And because of that you need to go into it with your eyes open.



I have been working on a series to help you be prepared to succeed at college. This is a good time to get familiar with the new landscape. Why not begin with how the work will be different.