Useful Things For College Freshman to Know

 High School seniors at a Small Steps Go Places transition workshop

High School seniors at a Small Steps Go Places transition workshop


If you were going on a trip to a new country you would probably do some research, right?

Check out my Useful Things For College Freshman to Know sheet and get ready to travel to your college or university.

1.Print out a campus map and identify where everyone on #2 list is located.

2.Find name, email, and phone number for:

· Regional admissions person

· RA

· RD

· Student Health Service

· Bookstore/Computer repair

· Academic Support Services, Writing, or Math Center

· Where to get a cup of coffee

· First year Experience office

· Counseling Center

· Recreational/Workout building

· Bursar’s office

If you were to spend 1 hour per week doing something you had never done before

· What would it be?

· Where is its location from the student center/union?

4. Do you know the answers to these questions? Ask your RA, and if they don’t

know, as them WHO TO ASK??

· If another student (or your roommate) drinks too much, gets really upset, has something going on where they obviously need help AND I CAN’T FIND AN RA, what do I do?

· If my computer stops working

· If my roommate or I get sick in the night

· If something is not working in my dorm room, a lounge, or another public dorm area

· If my roommate locks me out of the room

· If I lose my keys, id card, wallet, phone

· If I react badly to dining hall food but have never had food allergies

· If I think I have failed academic work

· My mom has cooked for me since I was born, how do I deal with eating in a dining hall without gaining a lot of weight

· If I have a medical situation, the Health Center is not open, and I can’t pay for an ER visit

5. Imagine it’s the first weekend, and then a weekend in January, of freshman year. Pick day or evening, plan how you would spend it, and with whom.

6. “Spend” $20 by finding how much things cost on their campus (via computer research)

7. When a teacher in high school assigns a project, or you have a test, how do you deal with it? Will this work in college?

8. Read “How to be a Good Roommate” in the College Preparation First Year Survival Guide (Blog).