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Do you wish there was an orientation for parents and families, too?

Maybe your school offers back-to-school nights where lots of information and deadlines are shared, but they get phone calls asking when things are due, where to find information, or worse yet no phone calls and just missed deadlines and misinformation.

SSGP designed the Cheat Sheet Series to help parents understand the basic vocabulary of high school and what going to high school means to their children so they’re able to apply the information they receive relevantly. This group provides value not only for parents of 9th graders transitioning into that important predictor year, but parents of any high school student because there’s challenges and transitions during all 4 years. 


We’re all weary of being in front of screens so we’ve designed the Cheat Sheet Series to be a hybrid–we deliver the info in a “live” online group, explain to parents and families how to apply what they’ve learned, and then offer a live “office hour” so parents and families can ask questions.

In each live monthly session we deliver information about specific components of going to High School and explain how to apply that to your own child.


Email Small Steps and put “Cheat Sheet Series” in the Subject line to sign up for the next intro session.


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