Small Steps Go Places Inc.

Games make us happy because they are hard work that we choose for ourselves, and it turns out that almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work.
— (p.20, Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken)

Our Mission

Small Steps Go Places helps people build their confidence when making life transitions.


Making a transition can feel overwhelming if you take the entire transition in one gulp. Anyone who has been stumped by a situation that everyone else seems to easily understand, knows how small and flawed the ego can end up feeling. For some people, the experience is enough to put an end to making a successful transition. Small Steps Go Places was born from one of those moments.

Small Steps Go Places helps people break a transition into manageable steps, creating an easy-to-use blueprint that requires people to communicate with others who share the same experience. We use games and a reality-based approach to taking small steps, which helps people learn how to be in the game.


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