High School

Embrace, Don't Run ($300 plus travel)

  • Two (2) OPTION PLAY game units, with explanation of how to play (Skype or Facetime)
  • Surveys for all members of the senior class
  • 1 hour meeting with counselors to develop a transition plan for senior class
  • 1 hour session with students and counselors focusing on how students will deal with 2-4 scenarios from the game

Game units will be sent before the meetings so students can play.  Counselors will be asked to give anonymous surveys to students, and results will be used in the meetings.


Using OPTION PLAY in Orientation and First-Year programs ($500 plus travel)

  • Four (4) OPTION PLAY game units
  • 1 hour session with RAs focusing on connections between scenarios and new student behavior
  • 1-2 hour session developing a plan to use OPTION PLAY, document observations, and utilize the game for  one-on-one counseling.

You get into it, and it’s a fun game to play, which is also important, so you are having a good time and you are bonding with people, and you are actually getting experience for what college will be like. So, that is definitely worth it.
— Gabi, Fordham
Maybe this specific situation won’t happen with my roommate but now I kind of understand the right thought processes for myself.
— Nick, Drexel