We help you, help the students.

We work hand in hand with school counselors to make their work even more effective.

First we provide an understanding to what the Small Steps Go Places program is. Through the program, we work with school counselors to provide additional social and emotional preparedness to the students. Additionally, we provide the school counselors with program material and our peer to peer interactive game, OPTION PLAY®.

For counselors we provide a well structured program to compliment their work.

We open the channels of communication between them and the student for more effective placement.

The training and program is provided by the school system.

Want to Get Small Steps Go Places at Your School?

Helps Students Learn How to Navigate Life While Living on Campus

“Players remarked that they would never have thought of some answer cards such as creating a journal about it in regards to their thoughts and feeling of being homesick, setting up a meeting with their roommate to resolve issues and doing things in the lounge versus their room. They would now consider these approaches as ways to handle issues as they arise.

As an RA and Student Leader I was able to observe not just new students playing a game, but see what they knew about being at college and how they might handle challenges. OPTION PLAY is a great way of getting freshman to talk about how they can be a successful college student. OPTION PLAY also helps students learn how to navigate life while living on campus.”

– Tonya B., Student Leader from New York