We improve the college placement & success rate of your students.

We partner with schools systems who want to have successful and excited students.

Once a school system has decided to partner with Small Steps Go Places, we fully acclimate each school into the program. First we train counselors, introduce the program to the parents, and students, and open our resources to all.

For students, we have the resources, assessments, workshops, mentorship, and more!

For counselors we provide a well structured program to compliment their work.

For school systems, we provide a solution to overworked counselors and higher college placement success and first year retention rates.

Want to Get Small Steps Go Places in Your Schools?

I ended up transferring after my first year.

“I didn’t have anything like this when I first went to college. I actually didn’t think about things I should have thought about so I ended up transferring after my first year. I think if I would have had a game like this I wouldn’t have had the problems I did.”

– Nick D., Student