Parents & Students from 9th grade until the first year at college

The focus of Small Steps Go Places is to help students visualize themselves as a college student. 

First we help students develop the right mindset around the college bound process. Through our program and support, we help students identify schools they will thrive at and successfully navigate the gap between high school and college. The relationship is continued through the first semester at college.

For students, we have the resources, assessments, workshops, mentorship, and more!

For parents, we have the resources and workshops so they can better support their child.

This program is provided by your school system

Want to Get Small Steps Go Places at Your School?

It Changed My Focus

“I am going to a very competitive high school, and know how to take tests, and do the work my high school teachers assign because it is so structured. I thought I needed to apply to only Ivy League colleges. When my school began working with Small Steps Go Places it changed my focus to what I’m interested in doing. Now, I’m looking at colleges that feel like they get all of me, not just my grades.”

– Student, New York