What people say:

I didn’t have anything like this when I first went to college. I actually didn’t think about things I should have thought about so I ended up transferring after my first year. I think if I would have had a game like this I wouldn’t have had the problems I did.
— Nick, Drexel

There were a lot of situations that people don’t talk about or that they don’t think to mention, that will become a big thing in your everyday life. So, I think it made me really think about all the aspects of living with people, being on campus, choosing my own classes, and everything like that.
— Lillian, Lafayette

These issues address problems that students don’t often have the personal tools to address in a way that is helpful to them.
— Virginia, parent of two college students

I think it provides a really straightforward, entertaining way of dealing with problems students might encounter.
— Henri, Muhlenberg

There’s so many activities you do during college orientation that are sort of meaningless and don’t really help you deal with what real life experiences. This actually helps you get ready for real life experiences, or what life is going to be like in college.
— Gabi, Fordham