Welcome to Option Play

OPTION PLAY is a simple and social card game to help students prepare for the transition from high school to college. Players will have lots of fun as they address a range of scenarios experienced by first-year college students. Because there are no real-life consequences, the game encourages players to take risks and learn from their choices. With OPTION PLAY, students will enjoy laughing with each other and at their own discomfort as they discuss issues and situations they are likely to encounter on campus.

I didn’t have anything like this when I first went to college. I actually didn’t think about things I should have thought about so I ended up transferring after my first year. I think if I would have had a game like this I wouldn’t have had the problems I did.
— Nick, Drexel
If you start preparing yourself for the fact that all these crazy things can happen, then it will be less of a shock when you first encounter them. I think it’s a great idea to play the game.
— Lillian, Lafayette


  • 30 Scenario cards and 100 Answer cards
  • 1 “How to Play” card and 1 Vocabulary card
  • 2 card storage boxes
  • 3-5 engaging, fun rounds for 10-6 players

$45 suggested retail price
Quantity discounts are available