Small Steps Go Places is a Full-Scale Program

for school systems designed to aid students andparents through the high school to college transition and equip the school counselors who support them.

We work with the entire school community, from Students to School Systems. We help bridge the gap between high school and college by working with students, their parents, their counselors, and the school.

We Help
Students & Parents

We help students and parents understand what going to college means. For students, we change their mindset and empower them to engage in the journey. For parents, we help them in their transition from being caretaker to supporter.

We Help
School Counselors

We help school counselors better use the tools they have to support their students by adding innovative Small Steps Go Places resources and relevant expertise.

We Help
School Systems

We help school systems by partnering with them to positively impact their community by supporting students’ next step into adult life. Let’s work together to help students become successful & excited for college!